Verizon Camera Phone
Introducing new online tools for your verizon camera phone

Introducing new online tools for your verizon camera phone

Verizon Camera Phone

With this online guide to using a Verizon camera phone, you will learn how to access the information highway through text, voice and photos.

The most information about the service plans and products available with Verizon cell phones and Verizon camera phones.

When you use Verizon phones you will want to know about all the benefits and features. Itís especially helpful to read instructions before you purchase online.

Please keep reading to access more information about using a Verizon camera phone with this great article on Verizon cell phones and service plans.

Verizon Products & Services

Verizon wireless cell phones allow you to choose from many different products and services that are tailor made for ultimate interactive communication.

A trusted name in wireless communication, Verizon camera phones are equipped with the latest technology and resources.

You can stay in touch with the global community through the following innovative wireless products from Verizon:

  • Messaging
  • Downloads
  • Information
  • Interactive Media
    • Use your Verizon cell phone to getAlerts from the entire world of entertainment and news. For instance, find out the changes in the stock market as they happen, or be alert to your favorite television shows, sports casts, or weather conditions any day of the week.

      You can access all this and more with getAlerts from Verizon. By using your handset, you can be alerted via laptop or PC of any personal or business needs.

      Did you know that you can use your Verizon wireless phone to getBrowsing online? Itís true, you can roam the internet with the ultimate technology from Verizon.

      Verizonís getBrowsing feature allows you to access information and breaking news all from your Verizon camera phones. You can even customize your new Verizon cell phones with great tools and content from the internet.

      Itís never been easier to stay in touch with the world as it happens.


      Some of the most exciting news from Verizon focuses on their advancement in messaging services. You can now message anyone, anywhere in the world through voice, text, live video or photos.

      Imagine the opportunities for fully interactive communications with your love ones, no matter where they are in the world!

      Hereís a look at some of Verizonís exciting messaging systems available now:

      • getIM
      • getTXT
      • getE-mail

      Downloading instant messenger onto your new Verizon camera cell phone is easy with getIM technology.

      Access all types of instant messenger programs from AOL, MSM, and Yahoo!

      Instant messenger programs allow you to stay in contact with all your family, friends and associates with live chatting. Alerts will let you know whoís online and whoís sending you messages from your buddy list.

      Text messaging is a must have, as it helps you to stay communicating with your group on a global scale. You will save loads of money when you use TXT messaging software for live, 2-way conversations on your Verizon cellular phones.

      getTXT is easy to use once youíve been equipped with your Verizon 10-digit mobile number. Use getTXT to email messages directly to your mobile phone so you never miss an opportunity to say hi or hear the latest important news.

      You can even use TXT messaging from your laptop or PC for live chatting with loads of interesting communities. Itís also easy to block any unwanted messages.

      The best part about getTXT is that you can customize it to create your own nicknames, address books, and personal alerts.

      Receiving your email alerts via Verizon camera phones is a great way to keep up-to-date and interactive.

      By integrating your email account with text messaging and instant message alerts you will be on the ball all day.

      Interactive Media & More Downloads

      The opportunity to communicate with live video and picture messaging is here!

      Some of the most latest innovative technology from Verizon includes getPix and getFlix software. This awesome feature allows you to deliver messages from your camera cell phone that include:

      • Text
      • Sounds
      • Pictures

      Both economical and easy to use, getPix and getFlix software allows you to communicate with your wireless mobile anywhere in the world.

      In fact, you can now express yourself even better with full spectrum color pictures, background graphics, and picture caller ID.

      With this revolutionary technology, you can send snap shots and live videos back and forth between loved ones, so you will never feel apart.

      Itís so easy, just snap a picture, style it with text, graphics and music, and itís ready to send to your friends and family via the internet.

      With all the great extra benefits of using Verizon wireless communications, you shouldnít overlook the opportunity for some great downloads.

      With getGames, getTones, and getGoing software, Verizon offers the tools for some great fun and games.

      Download your favorite online games, music, ringtones, GPS maps and more.

      Stay in touch with your community through Verizon service plans and phones, and you can keep up with the pace of the new millennium.


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