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Breakthrough technology from satellite phones & Globalstar services

Breakthrough technology from satellite phones & Globalstar services

Satellite phones

This online guide will allow your best look at the innovative technology behind satellite phones and Globalstar satellite phone service.

With top reviews on Mitsubishi satellite phones and other discount satellite phones, you could be hooked up to the global community sooner than you think!

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Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are innovative competitors in the wireless phone markets for one simple reason –you can make calls from practically anywhere.

Through the use of savvy satellite technology, these mobile phones are able to call out and receive calls from places that many other cell phones can’t go.

Satellite cellular phones feature the same exciting style and tools of a regular cellular phone. The difference between the average cell phone and a satellite phone lies in the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) signal.

The CDMA signal is a satellite signal which offers mobile phone users the clarity of connection that has been unheard of until now.

Several LEO satellites will pick up 80% of cellular phone signals coming from earth, which maintains a standard of excellence when it comes to wireless communications.

Your call won’t get dropped thanks to the path diversity system of LEO satellites.


Satellite phones offer the majority of fun extras and options that a regular digital wireless phone would, plus more.

For instance, business users will enjoy the wide range of reception that a satellite phone can receive. You can travel anywhere, anytime without missing an important call from one of your clients.

The best part about satellite cellular phones is that they can switch from terrestrial cellular service to satellite service whenever you need it. This means that once you’re out of range of regular service, you can change to satellite to call in and out.

Let’s take a look at some of the other extras you can expect to find when you purchase a satellite phone online:

  • Internet
  • Messaging
  • Global Networks

Satellite systems offer great wireless access to the internet, via laptop, PDA or PC. With only one data cable used to access email and internet information, you’re lightweight satellite cellular phone will keep you connected.

Mobile phone text, photo and video messaging can be used on a satellite cell phone. The Short Message Service (SMS) is a perfect way to update family, friends and business associates on the highlights of the day.

Due to the fact that most satellite phones are compatible to both AMPS and CDMA cellular networks, you can find quality service from anyplace on earth.

Both secure and reliable, satellite network systems will provide you with top of the line digital voice messaging and more.


Once a Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellite picks up your cellular phone signal it will transfer it to the nearest cellular network system, including:

  • Globalstar
  • CDMA Digital
  • AMPS Analog

Globalstar satellite phone service serves in 100 countries worldwide, allowing their customers to access affordable voice and data services at superior quality.

This satellite network service provider is utilized by innovative businesses, functioning communities, and unique individuals who want to stay connected to the global arena.

The Globalstar networks works on a simple system which retrieves your cell phone signals from 48 LEO satellites.

The benefits of using Globalstar satellites cellular systems are vast and include the ability to have an interwoven personal or business network of mobile phones.

An increase in privacy will allow you to use your satellite cell phone system to locate positions, navigate, call forward, message and more.

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