Cell Phone Antenna Booster
What are you waiting for? Improve your reception with a cell phone antenna booster

What are you waiting for? Improve your reception with a cell phone antenna booster


Use this great online guide to find cell phone antenna booster ideas and advice on installing your cellular phone antenna from home.

You can’t go wrong when you comparison shop for items like a cellular phone antenna with this online resource. Getting a cell phone antenna booster delivered to your front door step is just one perk of shopping online.

Learn more about improving your cellular camera phone’s reception with a cell phone antenna booster.

Cell Phone Antenna

If your cellular camera phone is cutting out on you and causing frustration, you need to consider boosting the strength of your cell phone signal.

Cellular phone antennas, power boosters and amplifiers all work to improve your cell phone’s reception, no matter where you are.

When you use antennas, you can increase many of your cell phone’s internal functions, like:

  • Increase Signal Power
  • Improve Sound Quality
  • Decrease Dropped Calls

Antennas and amplifiers work in a simple way to clarify your reception anywhere, anytime. External antennas are used to deflect a wireless signal away from your head, so no call blockage can occur.

On a more cellular level, antennas actually change the radiation pattern of your cellular phone, to improve power, quality and calls.

As with any cellular phone, it’s always a good idea to avoid direct contact with wireless signals in order to avoid radiation damage.

Getting Started

Many cell phone users are looking to antennas in order to boost their fading wireless signal on their travels, in the car or RV, and even at the home or office space.

Finding online antennas is easy when you know where to start.

Begin with determining which type of network you use for your wireless service, including:

  • GSM
  • Digital
  • Analog
  • TDMB
  • CDMA

Although most people are using digital networks these days, you may run into an office system that does not.

Now that you’ve found your correct network system, its time to choose the antenna that is the most suitable for your cellular camera phone.

In general you should select your antenna types based on a few elements, including: frequency, connection, and terrain.

You can find online cell phone antenna boosters that match a specific terrain that you may be traveling through.

For instance, flat pieces of land demands that an antenna of 3db to 9db is used, while 0db to 3db antennas are best suited for hilly or obstructed areas.

If you need antennas that are multi purposed and travel over several types of terrain, look into the middle ground. 3db to 5db antennas are common for cellular phone user on the go.


It’s not as difficult as it seems to learn how to connect an antenna to your cellular phone from home. In fact, you don’t really need amplifier kits to show you what to do.

Here’s a look at some of the most common connectors that you will find for cell phone antennas online:

  • TNC Male
  • FME Female
  • Mini-UHF Male

If your cell phone is operating with a digital network system, chances are that it comes equipped with a RF port. This means that you can connect an external antenna to your phone at any time, without hassle.

Internal antennas are really the best bet, as they cause no hassle. To boost the function of your internal antenna system, clip an adapter to the phone with the RF signal.

Older phones may require an adapter which slips over the phone.

Types of Antenna

Using this online guide to find the best prices on antennas, adapters and connectors is made easy with our list of brand names.

For instance, you can check out Digital PCS Networks online, like Nextel, Larsen, A/S, and Wilson Electronics Dual Band Trucker.

Look for higher gain antennas like: ST dual band, MicroMagmount, and Yagi.


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