Portable Cellular Phones
Portable Cellular Phones Exciting Opportunities In The Next Generation

Portable Cellular Phones Exciting Opportunities In The Next Generation

The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee featured Martin Cooper in the first event of the 2002 Internet Caucus Speaker Series. Martin Cooper, creator of the first portable cellular phone while at Motorola is now Chairman, CEO and Founder of ArrayComm and introducing a new technology called i-BURST. i-BURST is a high-speed way to access the wireless Internet.

Martin Cooper spoke to Members of Congress, Congressional staff and the press about the exciting opportunities facing the next generation wireless Internet. Cooper stated, The Internet of the future is a host of applications that are delivered to people at prices they can afford. The Internet is thirsty young minds flipping through Web pages as fast as they can absorb, while sitting on the porch with the family, or in the park.

The Internet is an elderly person, or a heart patient, or maybe just anyone, conducting a visit to the doctor electronically, not when they can get an appointment, but when they're sick by virtue of already existing devices that read all a person's vital signs and deliver them to the doctor instantly and allow her, or him, to prescribe to a patient that can see their face. That is a mobile Internet - a wireless Internet.

Senator Conrad Burns kicked off the series noting, We would not see the Internet the way it is today if we did not have visionaries like Martin Cooper. Congressman Mike Honda, co-chair of the Congressional Internet Caucus Wireless Task Force remarked, Marty Cooper teaches us it is not just how much spectrum you have, but how you use it.

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