Wireless Pcphone
Wireless PCPhonehone – Worlds First PDA Arrives

Wireless PCPhonehone – Worlds First PDA Arrives

At long last, the world’s first wireless PDA with full Internet, PC, cellular phone and organizer has arrived and it fits right in the palm of your hand. Distributed exclusively in the United States and Canada by Newlands Oil & Gas Inc., the PDA provides convenient anywhere, any time access to the wireless-cyber world and is scheduled to launch at COMDEX, in Las Vegas.

PC-EPhone is loaded with impressive features and functions including:

  • * Cellular Phone with stylus handset
  • * Multimedia: Mpeg for WebTV, games and video and MP3 for music
  • * Interactive personal organizer
  • * Car Navigation system with GPS Module
  • * s Bluetooth chip for wireless, roaming communication
  • * 4inch color touch screen
  • * Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, Outlook
  • * Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with AC adaptor
  • * Compact size
  • We are extremely excited about the PC-EPhone product and look forward to demonstrating its wide-ranging capabilities to the personal computer and cellular phone market, said Company President, Douglas Yee.

    With competitive pricing and continued development of newer features and functions, the PC-EPhone will become the wave of the future in wireless communication and wireless internet.

    Newlands Oil & Gas Inc. is the exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributor of the PC-EPhone. Formerly in the oil and gas business, the Company has made the transition into a telecommunications distribution company with exclusive rights to all of Cyberbank's future generations of the PC-EPhone and other wireless, video, phone products.

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