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Dial-around Service – Net2Phone Launches Consumer Long Distance Service

Dial-around Service – Net2Phone Launches Consumer Long Distance Service

Net2Phone, Inc., the leading provider of retail Voice over IP services, today announced that its Net2Phone Global Services division has launched No-PIN Dialing as a new feature for its rechargeable calling cards.

No-PIN Dialing allows Net2Phone customers to access its worldwide VoIP network without purchasing equipment, switching carriers, or entering a 14-digit account number/PIN. Users simply dial the access number of their calling card service and can place calls to anywhere in the world from the US.

The No-PIN Dialing feature, now available for Net2Phone’s PennyTalk and Net2Phone Directâ Calling Cards, is based on a new technology created by Net2Phone that recognizes the number from which a customer is calling and authenticates the account.

Customers can register up to 5 phone numbers (a cell phone number, home phone number, or any other number a customer frequently calls from) with each account at no extra charge.

This new feature enables our customers to make VoIP phone calls from their home, business or cellular phones at no added expense and without having to purchase any equipment, switch their phone company, or subscribe to any additional services, said David Span, Senior Vice President of Consumer Services.

We expect this to bring new value to our customers while helping to reduce churn, increase recharges and improve customer retention. Now the hassle of remembering account and PINs are eliminated, making Net2Phone phone calls easier than ever.

Net2Phone Direct and Pennytalk are rechargeable calling cards. Net2Phone Direct offers calls as low as 3.9 cents per minute to almost every country in the world without any connection fees, and can be purchased at www.net2phonedirect.com.

Pennytalk offers calls for 1 cent per minute in the United States and as low as 2 cents per minute internationally with a 49-cent connection fee.

Pennytalk is available for purchase at www.pennytalk.net. All calls on both cards are routed over Net2Phone’s award winning managed IP network, which provides toll quality service and significant cost savings over traditional service providers.

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