International Cellular Service
International Cellular Service Global Traveler Stays Connected

International Cellular Service Global Traveler Stays Connected

Santa Claus himself may want to consider taking advantage of Roadpost's special holiday offer for the busy international traveler. A leader in global communications solutions, Roadpost Inc. is taking $99 off the purchase of a Motorola Timeport 7389 mobile phone with an International Cellular subscription service, making it an ideal holiday gift for the business traveler.

Roadpost's International Cellular service offers one international phone number that always stays the same, making it easy for the office, family and friends to stay in touch. The Motorola Timeport also allows customers to send data and email from home or the office.

Communication should be easy, no matter where you are in the world, said Morris Shawn, president and CEO of Roadpost. Roadpost offers a complete solution to the business traveler - whether it is for International Cellular service, Remote Internet Access or Satellite services.

We make it simple, convenient and affordable for you to stay connected. Customers have a choice of either the oneRoamor oneRoam World subscription service. oneRoam is designed for travel concentrated in one of four local roaming countries: UK, France, Switzerland and Italy.

The package also offers free incoming calls in the local roaming country as well as competitive rates if traveling to additional destinations. oneRoam World is the best option for the frequent global traveler with calls from $1.29/minute for travel in over 140 countries.

Customers may take advantage of this special holiday offer until December 31, 2002 through the convenience of online ordering ( Roadpost also offers overnight delivery throughout North America.

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