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Cellular Products Online Shop From Your Home With Convenience

Cellular Products Online Shop From Your Home With Convenience

Let's Talk Cellular & Wireless, Inc., a leading specialty retailer of cellular and wireless products, announced that it has formed a separate Internet company, LetsTalk.com. The new company will design, develop and operate an online superstore for wireless communications products and services.

The superstore, scheduled to launch its Web site later this year at http://www.letstalk.com, will provide a one-stop shopping venue for consumers buying wireless products and services such as phones, calling plans, pagers, and other accessories. LetsTalk.com will streamline and simplify the buying process for wireless consumers who are often overwhelmed by the myriad of choices available in the cellular marketplace.

The online store's relationship to the 266 Let's Talk Cellular & Wireless stores around the U.S. will be a boon to consumers; products and services will be cross-marketed between the Let's Talk retail outlets and the LetsTalk.com Web site.

LetsTalk.com customers will also benefit from the parent retail company's established relationships with top wireless and cellular providers and manufacturers.

These relationships will allow consumers to purchase the broadest array of wireless products and services available on any Web site.

Selecting a wireless service is one of the most complicated buying decisions a consumer makes these days, said Delly Tamer, president and CEO of LetsTalk.com.

The LetsTalk.com Web site will make buying a cellular or wireless product pain-free. Consumers have easier access to the wireless solutions that best suit their needs.

Brentwood Venture Capital, Accel Partners, and H.I.G. Capital Management have contributed $20 million to the development of LetsTalk.com.

Delivery of cellular and wireless products is tailor-made for the Web, given that consumers need to do lots of research before making such a purchase, said Jeff Brody, General Partner, Brentwood Venture Capital.

We're confident that LetsTalk.com has the market knowledge and consumer focus to become the front-runner in what will be an expanding Web retailing market.

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