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Mobile Photos Consumers Nationwide Can Now Access And Share Their Favorite Pictures Online

Mobile Photos Consumers Nationwide Can Now Access And Share Their Favorite Pictures Online

Yahoo! Inc., a leading global Internet company, and AT&T Wireless today announced the launch of Yahoo! Mobile Photos for AT&T Wireless mMode subscribers nationwide.

AT&T Wireless mMode customers can use the downloadable Yahoo! Mobile Photos client application to view and share the pictures in their Yahoo! Photos account while on the go.

This new service is an extension of the longstanding Yahoo! and AT&T Wireless relationship and demonstrates the companies' continuing commitment to develop leading mobile services for consumers nationwide.

The new Yahoo! Mobile Photos application is a full color, graphical service that gives consumers a new, easy way to connect to their online photos over the AT&T Wireless network. Consumers can now access their Yahoo! Photos account, view saved pictures and create custom wallpapers while on the go.

The application is available across a variety of AT&T Wireless Next Generation devices.

The Java version of the service also lets consumers save images locally on their phones and create a personalized album and slideshow that can be accessed without connecting to the Internet.

The Yahoo! Mobile Photos service is available from AT&T Wireless for $2.99 a month, plus standard usage fees.

AT&T Wireless and Yahoo! are now bridging online and mobile photo applications, making it possible for our mMode customers to access all their photos right from their phones, said Sam Hall, vice president of mMode services, AT&T Wireless. We're excited to work with a leader like Yahoo! to add simplicity and convenience into the exploding arena of photo and picture messaging applications.

Yahoo! is an Internet industry leader in providing a diverse array of innovative offerings for high speed wireless networks. Yahoo! Mobile Photos is the company's first downloadable client application on AT&T Wireless and adds to the number of other enhanced Yahoo! services, with richer graphics and enhanced usability, available to AT&T Wireless subscribers:

  • Yahoo! Mobile Internet -- including Mail, Messenger, News, Sports and Get Local
  • Yahoo! Games
  • Yahoo! Alerts

AT&T Wireless mMode offers the richest collection of mobile information and entertainment sites in the U.S. -- including hundreds of games, thousands of ringtones and graphics, a variety of messaging services, popular Internet-based sites, and much more.

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