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Hands-Free Devices Offer Convenience And Greater Driving Control

Hands-Free Devices Offer Convenience And Greater Driving Control

With Memorial Day weekend approaching -- the unofficial kickoff of the summer vacation rush for thousands of drivers -- a new national survey released today by Plantronics, Inc., reveals that 76 percent of Americans think motorists should use a hands-free device while driving and talking on a cellular telephone.

The survey, issued during National Wireless Safety Week, asked 1,015 adults about their cellular telephone use habits while driving.

Americans recognize that cell phones are an indispensable part of the way we work and live, but that they must be used responsibly while driving, said Beth Johnson, Plantronics' Senior Director, Product Marketing. Hands-free devices give motorists greater control because drivers can keep both hands on the steering wheel and both eyes on the road.

The Plantronics poll also shows that four out of ten have used a hands-free device while driving and talking on a cellular phone, and more than one in five said they usually or always use a hands-free device in this situation.

Ironically, nearly half of drivers who say they rarely or never use a hands-free device while driving nevertheless strongly believe that motorists should use one.

In recent years, state legislatures and municipalities have devoted increasing attention to laws that would ban motorists from using cell phones while driving, unless a hands-free device is used. New York became the first state to enact a 'hands-free' mandate in 2001. Similar measures are being considered by nearly half of the 50 state legislatures and numerous municipalities across the country.

The sheer number of motorists flooding our highways during Memorial Day weekend and the summer months makes attentive driving extremely important, continued Johnson. Headsets are an inexpensive and comfortable way for drivers to use cell phones responsibly.

There are occasions when driving circumstances make talking on a cell phone hand-held or hands-free unsafe. In these instances, motorists should pull over or hang up to protect themselves, their passengers and the safety of others on the road.

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