Earbud Style Headset
Earbud Style Headset Plantronics Introduces Next-Generation Cellular Phone

Earbud Style Headset Plantronics Introduces Next-Generation Cellular Phone

Plantronics, Inc., the world leader in communications headsets, today introduced a new addition to its M-Series line with the Plantronics M205 premium earbud series.

The M205 series, which broadens the company's extensive mobile product line, is designed to meet the needs of users who prefer an unobtrusive, earbud-style headset without sacrificing sound quality.

The sleek-looking M205 earbud headset includes a scratch-resistant, chrome-like finish with dark blue accents. Its unique feature set includes microphone technology that provides natural voice delivery, enhancing sound quality in an earbud-style headset. Acoustic sound protection helps to safeguard the users' hearing.

Special ergonomic consideration was made, separating the microphone from the control pod, to allow for convenient access and to minimize interference with the microphone. The M205 earbud headset also utilizes Plantronics' Flexfit design for comfort and improved fit.

Through our research conducted in the United States and Europe, we found that most first-time headset users are attracted to an earbud-style product due to the discreet styling, but are often not impressed with how it looks or sounds, comments Joyce Shimizu, president of Plantronics Mobile Communications Division.

The new M205 earbud headset transmits natural-sounding speech in a sleek, attractive design. We feel this is an excellent hands-free solution for drivers concerned with safety, combining Plantronics' quality and design standards at a tremendous value.

The M205 series includes three earbud offerings. First, the M205 earbud headset with both mute and volume control is available for most cellular/PCS phones with a standard 2.5mm jack at an MSRP of $39.95. Second, the M206-N1 variant is designed specifically for Nokia 3000 and 8000 series phones.

Third, the M206-N2 version is designed specifically for Nokia 5100, 6100 and 7100 series phones. Both of the Nokia variations provide an answer/end button and volume control at an MSRP of $42.95.

The M205 series is scheduled for general availability in spring 2001 at www.plantronics.com and nationwide in retail, consumer electronics and cellular/PCS stores.

These new products are part of Plantronics M-Series - a complete line of mobile and cordless headsets available in a wide range of colors, styles, functions and price points.

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