Cell Phone Laws
Cell Phone Laws – Headset Sales Soar

Cell Phone Laws – Headset Sales Soar

Statewide bans on driving while using a handheld cellular phone are forcing consumers to purchase 'hands-free' devices, most notably cellular headsets.

According to leading marketing information provider NPD INTELECT Market Tracking, sales of headsets in March 2001 were more than double sales during the same period one year earlier.

Headset sales at U.S. department stores, mass merchants, office and computer superstores, and electronic specialty stores increased 123%.

The average price of a headset has decreased by almost one-third, making it easier and more affordable for consumers who have to purchase headsets to be able to do so. According to NPD INTELECT, the average price of headsets slipped from $28.07 in March 2000 to $19.83 in March 2001.

Cellular carriers are also responding to increasing market demand. Several service providers, such as AT&T and VoiceStream, are offering free or discounted headsets with purchase of a cellular phone.

Over-the-head, over-the-ear, in-the-ear, and convertible headsets are currently on the market. In March 2001, over-the-head headsets were the best sellers. According to NPD INTELECT, forty-three percent of headsets sold that month were over-the-head types, followed by over-the-ear (31%), in-the-ear (20%), and headsets that can be worn more than one way, appropriately named 'convertible headsets' (6%).

We will continue to see growth in this category, based on safety and health concerns, growing cell phone penetration, declining prices, and more feature-laden offerings, such as Bluetooth, commented Peter Arato, senior account executive at NPD INTELECT. A non-tangible factor is a cultural change, which has made it hip to use a headset or earbud.

Whether one is emulating Madonna or a secret service agent, it has become cool to drive or walk around with a headset. As these accessories become more commonplace, there will be fewer people thinking you're muttering to yourself when you’re actually speaking on a cell phone.

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