Hard Of Hearing Cell Phones
Hard Of Hearing Cell Phones – Specially Designed

Hard Of Hearing Cell Phones – Specially Designed

HATIS Corporation announced today, access to cellular phones for millions of Americans with hearing disabilities. HATIS, a leading assistive communications company is proud to have been selected by Verizon Communications to provide the hard-of-hearing community with cell phone-hearing aid headset solutions, said deaf CEO William L. Morgan.

HATIS develops specially designed headsets for professionals and other consumers who are typically unable to effectively use telephones with hearing aids. Verizon, a Fortune 10 company with 260,000 employees in 40 countries and $65 billion in annual revenues, is the largest wireless access provider in the United States with over 28 million customers.

Under the agreement, Verizon will showcase and endorse HATIS solutions through their Website to customers, along with 1600 sales managers of freestanding retail stores and shopping mall kiosks throughout the nation.

For individuals wearing hearing aids, HATIS provides The Missing Link between the hearing aid and cell phone. HATIS products are developed with a patented induction technology, which transmits audio signals directly to the hearing aid.

This reduces the need for greater amplification and eliminates electromagnetic interference, which increases the user’s ability to hear the spoken word—a key complaint of cell phone-hearing aid users.

Verizon will market HATIS’ inline and hands-free boom microphone headsets as well as provide wireless service plans to hearing-impaired customers.

Hearing aid users are often barred from business, personal, or emergency access to cellular telecommunications. The inability of the hearing impaired to access this technology, marginalizes millions of people who might otherwise enjoy greater human interaction, said HATIS Corporation President and Founder, Alice M. Morgan. HATIS will deliver the hearing technology, while Verizon will deliver the cell phone options and wireless service.

Together, HATIS and Verizon can now offer hearing aid users the same freedom, mobility, and convenience experienced by hearing individuals.

By including HATIS in Verizon’s product offering, Verizon will provide access to the wireless telecommunications envisioned by the Americans with Disabilities Act, said Mr. Morgan. HATIS is elated to partner with Verizon and to bring this simple, affordable, wireless solution to the hard-of-hearing community.

The benefits of this partnership to the hard-of-hearing community are limitless.

The mobility and convenience of wireless telecommunications experienced by hearing people translates into empowerment, self-reliance, and independence for hearing aid users. It’s a giant step forward to complete telecommunications access for the hard-of-hearing.

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