Prepaid Cellular
Prepaid Cellular – New Service Debuts in Palau

Prepaid Cellular – New Service Debuts in Palau

Palau National Cellular Inc, which became a wholly owned division of Palau National Communications Corporation, introduced prepaid cellular service to Palau this week. The new service offers cellular airtime rates as low as 15 cents a minute. Prepaid cellular phones can be used in PNC’s entire service area from Kayangel to Angaur.

Prepaid cellular service uses a special prepaid 'AIRTIME' card, which works like PNCC’s Debusch prepaid phone card. Prepaid cellular service is very easy to use and worry-free. There are no contracts to sign, no monthly bills, no security deposits, and no credit checks. All you need is a cellular phone to get started. Then you just buy AIRTIME cards as needed, so you can control your cellular costs easily.

Customers who want to try the new service just bring a cellular phone to the PNC office next toTree-D Hotel in Koror, where it will be activated and programmed for prepaid cellular service. All first time activations include $5 worth of free AIRTIME value, so you can start making calls right away. Then you buy an AIRTIME card, scratch off the label to see your card number, and enter that number on your cellular phone to 'recharge' your prepaid cellular account.

Phones can be purchased at PNCC in Koror and Airai and customers signing up for PNC cellular service get a $30 discount off the retail price of the phone. Now that PNC is part of PNCC, cellular phones and accessories will soon be sold at the PNC office too.

The activation fee for prepaid cellular service is $20 and the programming fee is $25. Programming is free through July 31, 2002 for existing PNC customers in good standing who want to switch to prepaid service. AIRTIME cards are sold in denominations of $10, $25, and $50. Currently AIRTIME cards are sold at the PNC office, and PNCC plans to make them available wherever Debusch cards are sold to make the service as convenient as possible.

It’s like filling up your car with gas, said Henry Saiske, PNC Manager. You buy $10 worth of cellular airtime and then recharge your phone with the $10, and make calls until the $10 is used up. Then just buy another card for your phone so you can keep making calls.

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