International Cell Phones
International Cell Phones Provided By Worldcell, An International Provider

International Cell Phones Provided By Worldcell, An International Provider

Americans are traveling again, but with more caution. The State Department has issued a Worldwide Travel Caution for Americans traveling abroad, and travelers and their families are feeling more and more wary. However, there are many steps Americans can take as precautionary methods to increased security and peace of mind while traveling overseas.

One crucial step is to carry an international cellular phone. A cellular phone leaves the traveler constantly accessible to friends and family back in the States and gives the traveler continuous communication, which can be very calming in unsettling times.

Due to different frequencies and technologies, most U.S. based phones do not work outside of the country. Rental options are available for international travelers from companies such as WorldCell, a U.S based international cellular provider.

It is also recommended by the State Department that Americans overseas keep in constant contact with the local U.S embassy or consulate.

Americans are also urged to keep a low profile and strive to look and dress with the look of the foreign country they are visiting. Americans say they are avoiding wearing baseball caps, and other typical American styles.

It is also recommend that while overseas, vary your routes to destinations if the same place is visited each day. Also, provide family members back home with a detailed itinerary and your international cellular number before leaving the country.

Many travelers say that their families are the ones worried about them while traveling overseas. Greg, a recent traveler to Europe, said, I wasn't really that concerned with traveling overseas. My wife, however, called me just about every hour I was abroad.

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