Cell Phone Case
Cellular Phone Accessories - Cellular Phone Case

Cellular Phone Accessories - Cellular Phone Case

Any cellular phone can now be carried securely, conveniently & comfortably with this unique hard plastic horizontal case that allows the phone to lay horizontally against the waist belt instead of hanging vertically on the belt only to get pushed around, pulled on, or jabbed on your side.

Additionally, it keeps the phone safe from impact damage while getting in and out of a car, etc. in its hard plastic shell. The case is manufactured by Motorola but fits all small and slim phones available from practically all wireless phone manufacturers.

It offers style and as well as protection. Designed for easy access to the phone, it includes a Velcro closure, a wrist strap, a belt clip which rotates 180 degrees and is detachable, and even a pull cord to easily raise the phone out of the case.

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