Cellular Handsets
Cellular Handsets – RF Detectors Introduced For Cell Phones

Cellular Handsets – RF Detectors Introduced For Cell Phones

Analog Devices, Inc., a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, today announced the shipment of its 50 millionth radio frequency detector IC for cellular handsets.

Providing higher accuracy and greater dynamic range over both discrete circuits and competitors’ ICs, ADI’s RF detectors have steadily been gaining market share since their introduction in 2000. Addressing the most common problems affecting cell phone users—dropped calls and low battery life—ADI’s family of RF detector ICs have been employed by 8 out of the top 10 cell phone manufacturers worldwide.

ADI has quietly been revolutionizing the RF detector function in cellular handsets over the past two years, said Robbie McAdam, Vice President, Analog Semiconductor Components, Analog Devices, Inc. With 50 million ICs shipped into this market, we have brought to manufacturers a technical innovation that significantly improves the experience of cell phone users worldwide.

Given our success in this area and our expertise in RF technology, we will continue to deliver best-in-class IC solutions to a market in which billions more cell phones will be sold over the next few years.

With 410 million cellular handsets produced in 2002, this area of consumer electronics is still one of the fastest growing markets worldwide, said Stan Bruederle, Chief Analyst, Wireless Semiconductor Applications, Gartner Dataquest.

Further, with the projected number of cellular handsets expected to reach 500 million-per-year by 2006, the cellular phone handset segment will be robust for years to come.

ADI’s RF Detector ICs for Cellular Handsets ADI’s RF detector ICs provide precise control of RF power amplifiers operating in the frequency range of 0.1 GHz - 2.5 GHz and over a typical dynamic range of 50 dB. Complying with both GSM and CDMA standards, the company’s family of RF detector ICs—which includes the AD8315—can be used for all single and multi-band phones, a convenience factor for cell phone designers.

Because these parts provide high accuracy even at low signal levels, they minimize the required power from the power amplifier—thus extending battery life.

Analog Devices in RF ICs

Analog Devices’ radio frequency ICs have the high-performance specifications-such as speed and dynamic range-that enable new, highly desirable architectural changes to radio designs that, in turn, reduce component count, decrease cost, and ease design challenges.

Using a unique combination of design skills, process technologies, and system understanding, Analog Devices has a broad portfolio of RF ICs, including complete chipsets and a full range of high-performance RF function blocks.

Among its extensive offerings are direct digital synthesizers; phase-locked loop synthesizers; detectors and logarithmic operational amplifiers; fixed and variable gain amplifiers; TruPwr RF power detectors; mixers, modulators, and demodulators; integrated IF amplifiers; and the Othello family of single-chip transceivers for cellular terminals.

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