Pnci Cellular
PNCI Cellular – Expanding Coverage As Promised

PNCI Cellular – Expanding Coverage As Promised

The project to expand coverage for PNCI cellular service is already underway, as promised to customers during the start-up phase of the company.

Palau National Cellular, Inc. has experienced an overwhelming customer response since the company’s grand opening September 15, 2000. The new cellular service has proven to be very popular, thanks to its affordable rate plans and broad coverage of Palau, reaching from Angaur to Kayangel.

PNCI started operations last year with four cellular antennas, located in Ngarchelong, Airai, Meyuns, and Peleliu. Two more cellular towers will now be built in Babeldaob, providing service to the areas not well covered in Phase I of the cellular project, especially the eastern coast of the big island. The necessary equipment has been ordered and the new antennas are expected to be ready for service by May.

The growth of the service has been faster than we expected so as part of the same project we will expand and reconfigure our antenna site in Koror, which is the busiest area for cellular use, said Henry Saiske, PNCI General Manager.

PNCI Cellular offers a variety of affordable rate plans, starting at just $10 per month. The company is a joint venture of Palau National Communications Corporation and a Japanese company called Family Telephone Company.

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