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Ring Tones For Cell Phones – Blabtones Provides Custom Ringtones on BREW-Enabled Wireless Phones

Ring Tones For Cell Phones – Blabtones Provides Custom Ringtones on BREW-Enabled Wireless Phones

Instead of listening to the usual ringtone on your wireless phone, imagine being able to hear your significant other’s voice say 'I love you' every time he or she calls; recognize your best friend’s phone call by the sound of your favorite song; or have incoming calls identified by your child’s laugh, your cat’s meow or the tinkle of wind chimes.

dotPhoto, Inc., a global leader in online voice-annotated digital imaging, is making this all possible through its new Blabtones service, announced today. In addition to enabling wireless consumers to create and download their own Blabtones to their BREW-enabled cellular phones, the Blabtones service offers pre-recorded sounds, quotes and music available for immediate download from www.blabtones.com.

Valuable prizes will be awarded to the owners of the top three Blabtones with the most downloads for the month. Blabtones’ community features popularity rankings of public Blabtones and offers Blabtones users the opportunity to win prizes by adding their personally recorded Blabtone to a public album where they can watch it climb the rankings. Prizes include a digital camera; 100 free prints at www.dotPhoto.com; or 10 free Blabtones for the winner.

Blabtones will revolutionize the wireless ringtone market by enabling users to create personalized ringtones with an endless variety of sounds, voices and music, explained Glenn Paul, dotPhoto’s president and CEO.

The technology enables consumers to create customized, high-fidelity ringtones with their PC microphone and download them to their BREW-enabled wireless handsets. Users can create, store and download their custom ringtones from a free online Blabtones account online.

A ‘Blabtone’ can be a private tone in a secure, password-protected account or a user can publish the Blabtone for other users to download. We expect that the new Blabtone application will unleash a fury of creativity on the ringtone market.

dotPhoto developed Blabtones for QUALCOMM’s Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless platform. Global BREW carriers include Verizon Wireless, ALLTEL, U.S. Cellular, China Unicom, KTF in South Korea and Japan’s KDDI.

Using the BREW platform and Blabtones to standardize Internet-to-cell phone ringtone access, anyone with a BREW-enabled phone can now create custom ringtones for their most frequent callers.

Until Blabtones, most ringtones were simple midi tunes. Starting today, a Blabtone can be anything you can imagine. Blabtones provides an unparalleled level of creativity for wireless phone users who can now choose from — or create — millions of custom ringtones to identify calls from family, friends and others, said Mr. Paul. Blabtones brings the ultimate degree of personalization to the ringtone market.

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