Cell Phone Communication
Cell Phone Communication – Introducing Cell Phone Map Technology To South Africa

Cell Phone Communication – Introducing Cell Phone Map Technology To South Africa

Betafon Ltd, a South Africa registered company, exclusive distributor for the Benefon Instruments and cellular phones for sub-Saharan Africa, has officially announced today the launch on the South African market of a new solution, paving the way to an innovative and revolutionary concept in vehicle tracking and personal security.

The software, called BetaTrac, makes extensive use of the Benefon Esc! and the Track cellular phones by Benefon.

These two cellular phones integrate a state-of-the-art, fast acquiring, very accurate, 12-channel GPS and carry their own (but open) protocol, MPTP (Mobile Phones Telematics Protocol), which enables these phones to 'talk' between themselves /or to a computer-based platform.

Combining these features-packed cellular phones with a deep understanding of and long experience in telecommunications, BetaTrac provides the users with features like:

  • Accurate positioning
  • Geo-fencing
  • Speed monitoring
  • Interval tracking
  • Conditional checking
  • Over the air (re-) configuration of the mobile units
  • History of positions

The person in charge of the software can even send a 'route-to-follow' to a mobile unit and later be notified, should the mobile unit approach the waypoints composing the route.

BetaTrac makes extensive use of vector-maps, that the user can enrich by adding unlimited number of waypoints and routes.

One of the numerous key selling points of BetaTrac is that the system runs on a computer at the customer’s premises, offering him full confidentiality about his fleet position, immediate reaction in case of problem with a mobile unit and full control over his assets. Plus, once the driver is out of the vehicle the handset becomes his communicator and still allows for tracking, bringing in a new perspective of safety to the user.

Both the Benefon Esc! and the Track models are equipped with a panic button, to be pressed by the user, should she/he be in danger. In such case, BetaTrac would open a voice communication with the mobile unit, for monitoring of the situation, trigger the tracking of the unit and send SMS’s to user-defined numbers, notifying them of the current emergency situation.

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