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Corporate Wireless Expenses LetsTalk Reduces Costs

Corporate Wireless Expenses LetsTalk Reduces Costs

LetsTalk, a provider of enterprise wireless asset management software and an online wireless retailer, today announced a completely integrated Procurement Module that allows corporate telecommunication managers and individual employees to esearch and buy corporate-approved wireless devices and corporate-negotiated service plans. LetsTalk uses a company's existing wireless carrier contracts.

LetsTalk's Procurement Module, a part of the LetsTalk Enterprise Wireless Management Suite, offers corporate users a single destination to compare all company-approved wireless plans and cell phones by zip code and filters all products based on an employee's procurement class.

Procurement classes define which products and services can be ordered by individual employees and the available payment methods for that individual including credit card; purchase orders; 'bill-to' party; and order price limits. After an order is placed, the order is automatically routed for executive approval.

The LetsTalk Procurement Module is now fully integrated into the existing LetsTalk Wireless Management Suite. LetsTalk Wireless Management Suite already helps large corporations save hundreds of thousands of dollars off their existing wireless costs - without having to change their wireless carrier contracts.

LetsTalk consolidates wireless billing information from each wireless service provider; optimizes rate plans; tracks wireless assets and gives complete visibility into a company's wireless spending across various carriers, cost centers and departments.

In addition to the fully integrated procurement module, LetsTalk has added the following functionality:

  • * Pooled Minute Optimization: LetsTalk optimizes companies who have negotiated pooled minute rate packages.
  • * Service Change Tracking: LetsTalk gives clients complete visibility into wireless rate plan changes by showing live progress reports on suggested rate plan changes.

Full visibility of your wireless spending requires complete understanding of plan and device spending across cost centers, departments or projects, said Delly Tamer, president and CEO of LetsTalk. By providing an integrated end-to-end solution spanning from procurement to asset tracking to cost visibility, we significantly lower our clients' direct and indirect wireless spending.

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