Cell Phone Etiquette
Cell Phone Etiquette Significant Changes In Attitudes

Cell Phone Etiquette Significant Changes In Attitudes

Online wireless retailer LetsTalk today announced the results of its third annual survey of cell phone etiquette that finds Americans frown on cell phones in movie theaters and cars, but it's now okay to take calls in the rest room.

Compared to previous years, the 2003 results highlight significant changes in Americans' views about where it is appropriate to talk on cell phones. Americans feel increasingly more comfortable talking on a wireless phone in the rest room and much less likely to talk on the phone in a movie theater. In addition, compared to the 2001 survey, a lower percentage of Americans will use their cell phone in a car. Little change was seen in supermarkets, public transportation, or in restaurants.

The number of Americans who use wireless phones is significantly increasing, and it appears that social mores are adapting as well, said Delly Tamer, CEO and president of LetsTalk. I was personally glad to see that less than half of Americans still avoid using cell phones in their cars -- a major drop from 2001.

The survey was conducted in October 2003 by market research firm Wirthlin Worldwide, which polled a representative sample of 1,001 Americans in 48 states. The survey asked In which of the following places do you find it generally acceptable to speak on your wireless phone.

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