Mobile Phone Digital Cameras
Mobile Phone Digital Cameras High Quality Flash Modules

Mobile Phone Digital Cameras High Quality Flash Modules

PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, a global technology leader providing market-driven integrated solutions for biomedical and industrial applications, today announced it has closed a multi-million dollar deal to provide flashlamps to a leading manufacturer of digital cameras based in Taiwan.

The high quality and small size of PerkinElmer's flash modules allow them to be embedded in mobile phones with digital cameras. The deal represents PerkinElmer's continued foray into the mobile phone digital camera market, which is expected to top 80 million global shipments in 2003 with the potential for exponential growth in 2004 and beyond.

Currently, the majority of digital cameras embedded in mobile phones use an LED for photograph lighting. PerkinElmer's miniaturized flashlamps provide dramatic improvements over LED in terms of increased light output, improved color temperature, decreased battery consumption and lower cost, making flash the ideal light source for digital cameras embedded in mobile phones.

Miniaturization continues to drive demand for embedded flash units in mobile phone digital cameras. PerkinElmer currently supports this market with a wide variety of capillary lamps combined with extended expertise in the design of reflector assemblies. Additional miniaturized flash components from Perkinelmer Optoelectronics are on the horizon.

PerkinElmer provides a one-stop solution for flash modules from concept to mass production, including the design and manufacturing of flashtubes, strobe PCBs, reflector assemblies, trigger coils, transformers and phototransistors.

PerkinElmer is bringing its best-in-class manufacturing practices to digital camera makers to help them take advantage of the many benefits provided by our new flash technology, said John Murphy, President of PerkinElmer Optoelectronics. Together, we are capitalizing on the tremendous growth opportunity this market holds by driving the next-generation of smart devices.

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