Wireless Camera Phone Users
Wireless Camera Phone Users – ArcSoft Offers Photo Editing Software For Wireless Camera Phone Users

Wireless Camera Phone Users – ArcSoft Offers Photo Editing Software For Wireless Camera Phone Users

ArcSoft, Inc. the leading provider of digital imaging software, today announced the availability of ArcSoft PhotoBase Mobile Edition, the first photo editing software solution available for AT&T Wireless users with a Nokia 3650 camera phone.

PhotoBase Mobile Edition brings image management, editing and presentation to the mobile world. AT&T Wireless customers can now use their Nokia 3650 phones to sort, edit, enhance, and share photos via email, MMS, Bluetooth and infrared while on the move.

In addition to the editing features, PhotoBase Mobile Edition comes loaded with graphical content, with additional content available for holidays, promotions, and special events. AT&T Wireless’ mMode service allows PhotoBase Mobile Edition users the ability to download additional content.

We’ve used our experience and expertise in desktop photo and video imaging software to bring an even more enjoyable user experience to multimedia messaging and photo sharing, said Todd Rumaner, vice president of sales and marketing for ArcSoft. PhotoBase Mobile Edition is a perfect tool for camera phone users who are looking to instantly capture life’s moments or increase productivity.

PhotoBase Mobile Edition Features Include:

  • Album functionality - Allows for intuitive categorization of images by subject, date, event, and caption.
  • Multiple view modes - Album content can be viewed as a file list, photo thumbnails, or full-sized images sorted by name, date or file size.
  • Basic editing - Includes Flip, Rotate, and a very easy to use Crop tool.
  • Enhancements - Add text, frames, and graphics. Includes an easy to use Warp tool.
  • Additional downloadable, theme-based graphical content.
  • Support for sharing images via for email, MMS, Bluetooth and infrared.

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