Camera Phone Image
Camera Phone Image Camera Phone Users Can Now View, Share And Print Images And Videos

Camera Phone Image Camera Phone Users Can Now View, Share And Print Images And Videos

LightSurf Technologies, Inc., the global leader in open standards multimedia messaging and interoperability solutions, today announced the LightSurf Power Media Processor, a hosted carrier-class multimedia service that automatically enhances image and video output quality for camera phones.

LightSurf PMP is a server-based solution, that works behind the scenes to optimize camera phone pictures and videos for improved viewing, sharing, and printing to all mobile phones, PCs, online albums, and print fulfillment centers. The LightSurf PMP service processes media files in real-time to deliver an image copy that is better than the original, resulting in a competitive advantage for wireless operators and a superior experience for users.

Camera phones are exploding in popularity, and as a result, consumer expectations of image quality are increasing. Many consumers expect camera phones to generate images of comparable quality to those captured by digital cameras. LightSurf PMP delivers on that expectation by automatically enhancing camera phone images in real-time during the transfer process.

Building on LightSurf's experience with global operators and handset manufacturers, LightSurf's PMP service automatically corrects blurriness, distortion, image noise and a variety of other possible image quality defects. The result is an image that is improved over the original.

To encourage subscribers to share camera phone pictures, wireless operators need to focus on improving the user experience, said Barney Dewey, Partner, Andrew Seybold's Outlook 4 Mobility. Backed by their years of experience with media transcoding and optimization, LightSurf's media enhancement service delivers better pictures, improving the multimedia messaging experience, which, in the long run, will result in increased ARPU and print-related revenues for operators.

LightSurf PMP automatically processes pictures and videos by identifying both the originating device and the receiving device, PC, or print fulfillment service. Based on detailed device profiles that contain information about each phone's camera sensor, display capabilities, processor, and other characteristics, LightSurf PMP then dynamically corrects and enhances the image, in real-time, before delivering it in optimal format.

Camera phones are changing the way in which people communicate worldwide. LightSurf with PMP, automatically enhances and optimizes the quality of pictures and videos, which makes for better instant visual communications, said Philippe Kahn, CEO of LightSurf Technologies. LightSurf's innovative Power Media Processor gives consumers even more reasons to use their camera phones and this, in turn, improves customer loyalty and increases ARPU for operators.

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