Sanyo Camera Phone
Sanyo Camera Phone – Introducing The Phone With More Features

Sanyo Camera Phone – Introducing The Phone With More Features

Sprint and SANYO today announce the introduction of Sprint’s tenth integrated camera phone, the Sprint PCS Vision Picture Phone PM-8200 by SANYO. This update of the popular Sprint PCS Vision Picture Phone SCP-8100 by SANYO features several enhancements including improved resolution, a built-in flash and Sprint’s nationwide walkie-talkie service, Sprint PCS Ready LinkSM. Customers have their choice of three colors: silver, red or midnight blue.

In late March 2004, Sprint announced that more than 100 million pictures and videos had been shared over its network. Sprint and SANYO introduced Picture MailSM to the masses with the high-volume original model last April. To date, Sprint has announced ten camera phones in the U.S., leading the industry in mobile picture taking and sharing.

The Sprint PCS Vision Picture Phone PM-8200 by SANYO is a new and improved version of the popular Sprint PCS Vision Picture Phone SCP-8100 by SANYO, one of the best-selling phones in Sprint’s history. SANYO is not only known for high-quality mobile phones, but also is one of the largest manufacturers of digital cameras and camcorders, said John Garcia, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Sprint. By partnering with a manufacturer known for making not only high quality mobile phones, but digital cameras and camcorders, Sprint is confident we will continue to lead the U.S. mobile-pictures market.

The new SANYO phone follows in the footsteps of our innovative original Picture Mail phone but with even more features, said Atsushi Kodera, group vice president and general manager of SANYO Fisher Company’s Wireless Communications Division. This rich feature set will appeal to a broad variety of customers who want a phone that can do more. This phone is easy to use, but has advanced functions that will be beneficial for either business or personal use.

The advanced digital camera, coupled with Sprint PCS Ready Link capability for nationwide walkie-talkie communication and a built-in speakerphone for hands-free operation, makes this the camera phone with more. The phone also comes in three colors: silver, midnight blue and red. In addition to the VGA-quality camera, the small and stylish Sprint PCS Vision Picture Phone PM-8200 by SANYO offers a built-in flash and digital-zoom capability.

Sprint PCS Ready Link gives customers a quick, convenient way to communicate one-on-one or with groups of up to five people with the simple push of a button. Ideal for short 'get in, get out' conversations, Sprint PCS Ready Link is an efficient and cost-effective way to quickly access co-workers, clients, suppliers, family and friends anywhere on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network.

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