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Wireless Camera Phones – Convenient, High-Quality Pictures

Wireless Camera Phones – Convenient, High-Quality Pictures

Wireless phone users, from enterprise application implementers to game-playing enthusiasts, are looking forward to the new wireless phones from Audiovox Communications Corp. that were recently unveiled at the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

These feature-rich handsets are all CDMA2000 1X-capable and equipped with GPS location positioning technology. Each sports distinctive, attractive styling; leading-edge technologies; full-color displays; and a host of the most user-requested features…two even have built-in digital cameras.

ACC, a subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation and a U.S. technology leader in code division multiple access handsets, designed these new phones - the CDM-9600, CDM-8600 and CDM-7950 - to enable today’s wireless users a step ahead and optimize their utilization and enjoyment of the growing range of data and/or downloadable services that carriers are offering, today. When added to its recent handset additions - the CDM-9500 and CDM-8500 - ACC is offering a wide array of wireless handsets that meet every need and every budget.

Color, Capabilities, Features & Photos…All In A Compact Device ACC’s newest clamshell-styled handset, the CDM-9600, boasts a built-in 310K pixel digital camera, a 65K-color main display; photo caller I.D.; and host of other hot features. This tri-mode, CDMA handset offers high-speed wireless voice and data connectivity for Web browsing, e-mail and mobile e-commerce functions, and two-way short messaging service.

The built-in digital camera makes it a perfect tool for enterprise business applications where the immediacy of real-time photos can be critical. Users can also display photos on the CDM-9600’s large, nine-line, color primary screen. Its smaller, exterior two-line LCD presents basic information such as caller ID.

Plus, with its BREW and Java capabilities and other user-demanded features, the CDM-9600 is a great communications tool for business and recreational use.

Colorfully Unique & Distinctive For those looking for a state-of-the art, distinctively designed handset that makes a definitive fashion statement, ACC’s CDM-8600 is sure to fill the bill. This CDMA tri-mode, web-enabled device is both voice and data-capable in an eye-catching clamshell-styled form factor.

Feature-rich yet compact in size, the CDM-8600 sports dual LCD displays for total information availability. Highlighted by its blue backlight, ACC’s CDM-8600 is equipped with two Lads; the exterior LCD features a two-line display for basic information, such as caller ID, while the main LCD is a large, 65K-color TUFT display for full text and video presentation.

With its voice-activated dialing and QUALCOMM’s CMXä 32 polyphonic ringers, the CDM-8600 supports high-speed wireless connectivity for web browsing, e-mail and mobile e-commerce functions, allowing users to take full advantage of carrier-provided data services and gaming opportunities at a moderate price.

The Top of the Line CDM-7950 ACC’s third CES handset previewed at CES is the CDM-7950, a tri-mode Web-capable handset that boasts leading-edge smarts, good looks and a built-in, 350K-pixel, digital CCD camera. Equipped with the MSM5100 chipset, the CDM-7950 is lightweight and features a clamshell-styled form factor with dual color LCD displays; an interior 65K-color TFT display for full video and graphics presentations; and an exterior, 256-color display for quick, basic information access.

Beyond its good looks, the CDM-7950 lets users take advantage of two-way text messaging, a Web browser and downloadable ringtones and images. In addition, the CDM-7950 will be customized with leading edge applications specific to individual wireless carriers.

The Perfect Complements Filling out ACC’s product roster are two, recently introduced handsets that are already setting the pace for wireless telephone users. The CDM-9500, the latest Toshiba-branded handset from ACC, is extremely popular with carriers and consumers in the U.S.A. and Canada. With its sleek, clamshell styling, 65K full-color, primary LCD display, GPS location positioning technology, BREW and Java capabilities, as well as a host of the most user-demanded features, the CDM-9500 is the perfect way for sophisticated wireless users to stay a step ahead of the latest advances in wireless technology, information and entertainment services.

ACC’s CDM-8500, which hit the market late last year, is proving to be a popular handset for its optimum performance, including CDMA2000 1X capabilities and GPS location positioning technology, and its competitive price. This voice and data-capable, tri-mode handset boasts dual displays, with a wide selection of backlight colors, for total information accessibility. Compact in size, yet full-featured, this wireless handset is quickly becoming the communications solution of choice with discriminating users across North America.

With their colorful displays and cutting-edge technology, all of these Audiovox handsets will make it easier, and more enjoyable for carrier subscribers to take full advantage and optimize their usage of the wide variety of online, wireless and downloadable services being offered by carriers, said Philip Christopher, President and CEO of Audivox Communications Corporation. By meeting the growing needs of these increasingly sophisticated, technologically astute, more demanding customers, ACC helps carriers to achieve their business initiatives.

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