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Camera Support For The New Camera Phone Sony Ericsson

Camera Support For The New Camera Phone Sony Ericsson

EPSON Research and Development Inc., the world leader in LCD controllers, announced today that the EPSON S1D13711 Mobile Graphics Engine has been selected to provide rich graphics and camera support for a series of new phones recently announced by Sony Ericsson.

The design of the S1D13711 was integral to the full featured, small, lightweight design of the Sony Ericsson T610, T616. EPSON's S1D13711 was specifically designed to match Sony Ericsson's architecture thus providing a high level of graphics features combined with direct camera support and video streaming technology at the lowest possible power consumption.

The T610, T616 are sophisticated camera phones. They both have a quality 65,536 color display, extensive picture sharing options and the latest messaging. The ring tones are polyphonic 32 voice. And for the best mobile games, they both support JavaTM download.

EPSON's philosophy is to work closely with our customers to design products that meet their specific needs stated George Lyons, director, project management, EPSON Research and Development. In this market, a silicon vendor must provide a full range of services, from product design, integration, software, manufacturing capabilities and delivery. Here at Epson we focus on these things and it is reflected in our customers' products.

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